Shelton Management Solutions

Shelton Management Solutions (SMS) provides personalized business consulting to enable your organization to become “customer-centric” while implementing productivity and cost containment measures to gain market share across your industry. We work with a diverse group of businesses, including day spas, beauty salons, hotels, clubs, and food/beverage institutions, and we can accommodate virtually any customer service environment.

Position the Customer at the Center of Key Business Decisions

SMS begins at the front desk, the “first point of contact” for your valued clients. Using our 11+ years of experience, we assess your individual organization to identify internal and external factors impacting your customers, align solutions, and create a shared vision of customer service philosophy throughout your firm. We train each staff member to get to know each unique client, show empathy, build trust, develop listening skills, find common values, portray a genuine positive and optimistic attitude, and turn problems/complaints into opportunities to drive your profitability and revenues per sale.

"SMS offers innovative solutions to reduce business costs, surge
efficiency/productivity levels, and enhance the client relationship without sacrificing quality or depleting your internal resources."
-Iris Shelton

Drive Productivity and Efficiency Levels while Minimizing Costs

As enhanced customer experiences are essential to driving revenues, they need to be complemented with increased productivity, cost containment, and efficiency levels to truly maximize overall profits. By assisting you in identifying key performance indicators, prioritizing objectives, and developing standardized business procedures, SMS will help your business achieve unmatched results in cost saving.